The environmentally friendly and cost-effective option to lubricants


För företag som kantbockar, djupdrar eller sträckpressar tunnplåt och som ställer höga krav på ytfinnish är tribotextil™ en produkt som ger repfritt gods till skillnad mot plåtformning med smörjolja
Environmentally Friendly

Since there is no need for the use of lubricants or subsequent washing processes when using Tribotextile the environmental impact is reduced. The absence of lubricants also increases the possibilities for pressing products within the food and medical industries.

Reduced costs

Tribotextile reduces the production costs by reducing the number of process tasks required. Grinding and polishing scratches of the pressed goods is no longer required and the technology decreases the demands on the tools surfaces combined with the lifespan of the pressing tools increasing

High quality

When Tribotextil™ is used there is unlike current technology with lubricants no scratches/damages on the pressed material. Tests have also been made on pre-laquered sheet metal without any damages. Therefore Tribotextile is perfect when requiring very high quality and surface finish.

About the press technology with Tribotextil™

We're offering a new patented press technology, developed in a many year long research and development project, for demanding stretch forming/deep drawing of sheet metal. The press technology revolves around a new textile material, Tribotextil™, that is very thin, exceptionally strong and that can replace lubricants. The textile material takes the shape of the tool during the first press and can then be used for a number of presses, depending on the difficulity. The advantages are high quality, more environmentally friendly and lower tool/production costs. We have performed difficult deepdrawings in dry or pre-lacquered sheet metal without recieving any surface damage. Postprocessing is not required of stainless steel sheets. Another advantage with the new technology is that the tools no longer needs polishing.

  • High quality
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Fewer work tasks
  • Lower production costs

The company and it's organization

Tribotextil AB was founded in june 2015 by three experienced entreprenours to establish and commercialize the press technology with Tribotextil™. The vision is that on a global market reach a leading position by offering and selling Tribotextil™ to customers that wants an environmentally friendly alternative and that has high requirements of surface finish. The company revolves around an organization with world leading subcontractors and with access to distinguished competences by using numerous networks and the proximity to research and development resources. A continous development work is ongoing with close connections to our customers

Are you interested in dry pressing titanium or articles for medtech? Tribotextil™ makes this possible! Contact us for more information.


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