For edge-bending companies

To edge-bending/edge-pressing engineering companies, we offer a technology and product, Tribotextil™ which provides a sheet metal with high surface finish, free from marks and scratches. No lubricants that need to be washed off. The textile that is thin and very strong is used in the production of edge bending/edge pressing of sheet metal with thicknesses between 1 and 10 mm


We offer interested companies a collaboration to solve problems or improve the properties of composite-based products with our product Tribo™textil. During the spring we have carried out successful tests using our product Tribotextil™ as reinforcement in the manufacture of composites. We can use Tribotextile™ together with carbon fiber and/or fiberglass. A composite with Tribo textile™ gets better reaw fill, better surface finish, higher impact toughness, tougher breakage and withstands large bends.  Compared to fiberglass, it[…]